Sunday, 2 June 2013

Part 11 : Bhagavad Guna Darpanam By Sri Parasara Battar

BHAGAVAD (GOD) GUNA (attributes) DARPANAM (mirror) - something which mirror's bhagavan's guna. 

A mirror reflects what is in front of it. For e.g if an angry person looks at the mirror, an angry person is reflected by the mirror. Can a mirror just show the anger? No. It shows the person who is angry and not just the anger. Similarly, in order to see/feel/understand Bhagavan we need a tool and the tool is Veda,  the mirror which reflects Bhagavan's guna is Vedam.

Vedam is the mirror. The veda's took birth as Garudan. Bhagavanai kattum kannadi(mirror) - Garudan. This is the reason on why Garudan is in front of the Perumal in all temples.
Bhagavanai kattum kannadi is vedam and vedame Garudan
Bhagavanin gunangalai kattum kannadi(mirror) is Bhagavad Guna Darpanam by Sri Parasara Battar which is the vyakyanam for Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.

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