Friday, 3 May 2013

Part 05 : Sri KoorathAzhwAn Vaibhavam

Sri KoorathAzhwan, aka Kuresa, is a dear disciple of Sri Ramanujacharya and great Srivaishna acharya who sacrificed his life and wealth to serve his guru and spread Srivaishnavam. KoorathAzhwan also known as  Srlvatsankamisra Srlvatsacihna, Kuresa, Kuranatha and Kurattalvan.  Kuresa was a very rich person and was living with his wife Andal near kanchipuram. When Ramanuja became a Sanyasi, Kuresa wanted to join him. Kuresa gave away all this wealth and joined Sri Ramanuja. Kuresa helped Ramanuja during his visit to Saraswati Bandaram Library in Kashmir. Ramanuja wanted to refer the Bodhyana vruthi grantham to write the SriBhasyam for Brahma Sutra. Writing commentary for BrahmaSutra was one of the promises Ramanuja made to Yamunacharya. But due to the conflict with the Advaita group in Kashmir, Ramanuja had to return mid way without completing the reading. However, Kuresa memorized the Bodhyana vruthi grantham and this paved way for Ramanujar to complete the SriBhasyam.  Kuresa happen to loose his eyes when he tried to save Sri Ramanuja from the Chola king. Later because of Sri Ramanujar's grace and Lord Kanchi Varadhan's grace he happen to get back his eyes by singing Varadharaja Sthavam. During that incident, Lord Varadharajan promised moksham for all those who had sambhandam with Kuresa. Even Sri Ramanuja was happy that he was Kuresan's acharyan and he is assured of moksham due to his sambhandam with Kuresan. Kurathazhwan had so much acharya bhakthi that he wished to go to Srivaikuntam before Sri Ramanujar since he wanted to welcome his Acharyan to Srivaikuntam with poorana kumbam. Such was the greatness and vaibhavam of Kuresan and greatness of his acharya abhimanam.

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