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Part 06: Sri Parasara Bhattar Vaibhavam

One day, when Kurathazhwan and his wife Andal were living in Srirangam, they happen to go to sleep without eating dinner since they didn't had anything to eat. It was raining and Andal was sad that her husband had not eaten dinner. Around 8.45 pm, it was time for Aravanai Mani(bell) at Srirangam temple and time to offer Aravanai prasadam for Sriranganatha. Andal thought "Bhagawane, unnakku aravanai sathichikira, anaal unnoda parama bhakthan ippadi pattiniya irukkare” nu perumal kitta vendinda.

Perumal was sad that Kuresa and his family didn't had dinner and he asked his people to give the prasadam to Kurathazhwan. Kurathazhwan on seeing the people from temple with prasadam, checked with his wife and she told about her prayers to Sriranganatha. Then Kuresa took two parts of the prasadam and returned the rest to the people from the temple so that it goes to the bhandar for sale.
Due to Sriranganatha's grace and because of the two parts of that prasadam, Kuresa and his wife had two children. The two boys were blessed children of god and born due to bhagavan's kripai. Sarira Sambhandam illamal pirantha kuzhanthaigal. The Divya Dampathis themselves acted as parents for him, as he was born after his mother, Sri Andal, consumed "Prasadam" from the Sri Rangam temple
Embar another disciple of Sri Ramanuja, took the two children inorder to take blessings from Ramanuja. The boys had so much tejas and Embar started to recite "Dwaya manthiram" to guard(kavasam) the kids from Drishti. When Ramanujar saw the children, he was able to smell the Dwayam and asked Embar "Yenna Perumale Dwaya vasanai varuthu", Embar replied "Kavasama Irukkatumennu Sonnen". Ramanuja was pleased on  the love and affection Embar had towards the children and asked Embar to be the acharyan of the kids.
Note : This explains the greatness of Dwaya Manthiram and also how Sri Ramanuja had the skill to find out that Embar had recited Dwayam to the kids. 
Earlier, during the last rites of Yamnunacharya(Alavandar),they noticed that three fingers of Yamnunacharya remained folded signifying three of his last unfulfilled wishes. As Ilaya Perumal(Sri Ramanuja) swore 
( i ) that he would write a commentary on Veda Vyasa's Brahma Sutra ( ii ) that he would perpetuate the memory of Vyasa and Parasara and ( iii ) that he would strive to propagate Visishtadvaita on the lines of the 4000 holy collects of Alwars, the fingers unfolded one by one automatically and stretched out to normal position signifying that these were his last wishes
To fullfill the promise Sri Ramanuja had made to Yamnunacharya, it was Sri Ramanuja who named the children as Sri Parasara Bhattar and Sri Vyasa Bhattar. It is said that Sri Alavandar and Sri Ramanujar prayed before the Sri Rangam Peria Perumal to bless the Acharya lineage by bringing a child to this world, fit enough to be named after Sri Parasarar. That child is Sri Parasara Bhattar.

The guruparampara order - Ramanujar , Embar , Parasara Bhattar.

Bhattar's Sambhandam with Perumal
Battar was purohit at Srirangam and he had all specical place in the Srirangam temple.He is the  only one person who enters the garbhagraham to recite “Srisailesa daya…”. Battar is like a secretary to Perumal who is taking care of every small activitiy of perumal even today. He has this sambhandam (relation) with perumal due to his birth. Perumalum pirattiyum used to put Bhattar to sleep. Bhattar has such greatness. Bhattar nirvagam is so great and there is no appeal to the rules laid by him.

Bhattar's Sambhandam with Kuresan
Kuresan he himself had many vaibhavam and being his son Bhattar has thirumeni sambhandam with Kuresan.

Bhattar's Sambhandam with Udaiyavar(Sri Ramanujar)
Kidambhi aachan used to do namaskaram for Bhattar though Kidambhi aachan was a direct sishyar of ramanujar and was elder than battar. Eveyone used to ask why Kidambhi was doing so. Then Kidambhi  aachan explained what happened long ago…..
One day Bhattar was inside garbhagraham doing vinnappam to perumal. All were outside. Ramanujar asked everyone "do you know who is Bhattar who is inside" .. Everyone replied "we don’t know". Ramanujar told his key disciples “Naane Bhattar raga avatharam panninom”. So Emperumanare(Ramanujar re)  Battar which is the greatest vaibhavam.
Ramanujar didn't do vayakyanam for all the sections of the Veda and Prabhdandam. Example He didn't do the vyakyanam for Divya Prabhandam since he wanted his disciples do it. He didn't do the vyakyanam for Vishnu Sahasranamam and he didn’t do it for Upanishad entirely instead he took few things from Upanishad and did vedartha sangarha etc.. Battar did the vyakayam for Vishnu Sahasranamam and  Bhattar is Ramanujar's avataram.

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