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Part 12 : Kali Yuga - Nama Sankeerthanam and Vishnu Sahasranamam


One of the 18 Puranas is "Vishnu Puranam" and it was  given to us by “Sri Parasara Rishi”.  
(Note – It was after this Rishi’s name Ramanujar names Kurathazhwan’s first son as “Sri Parasara Battar” to fulfill the promise Ramanuja had given to Alavandar. )

Means to Reach GOD in various Yuga’s
Various means to attain GOD( moksham)  in various yuga is explained by Parasara in Vishnupuranam as follows
“Dhyayan Krithe .. Yagnaihi Therthayaam Dwapare Archayan.. 
Yathapnothi Thatapnothi Kalov Sangeerthya Kesavam
 So for various yuga’s the means to attain punya and to reach GOD are as follows..
Thretha yuga -  Dhyanam /Gyana margam
Kretha yuga  - Yagam / Bhakthi Margam
Dwapara yuga - Archanai /Karma Margam
Kali yuga - Namasankeerthanam

Fortunate - Sri, Sudharan and Kali
In the end of Vishnu Puranam, Maithreya wants to know more about Kali Yuga and the following incidence is narrated there.  Once Veda Vyasar was having a bath and a group of maharishi’s had went to meet him to understand more on Kali yuga.  While he was taking bath, in the middle of the muzhukku Vedav Vyasar said three things as follows,  which were answers to the questions which the rishi’s had in the mind. “Sri thathuhu, Sudharan thathuhu, kali thathuhu “

Sri Thathuhu – Men(Purushan) have many rules to follow as per veda. But Women(Sri) just need to follow her husband and correct her husband when he make mistakes and ensure he is on righteous path. E.g Sita followed rama and corrected him too when there was a need. Men have to do many things to achieve punya. For women, the attainment of punya is easy; they only have to serve their husbands.

Sudharan Thathuhu - When compared with the first three varnas, the fourth varna Sudharan has simple rules to follow. He just needs to surrender to GOD. When compared to first three varnas Sudharan has easy rules to surrender.  Same is also told byPIllai lokacharya says “brahmana piranthu naan bayapattu poi irukken” (because of all the rules and rituals that needs to be followed).    The other varnas have to do many things to ensure that dharma is being followed. But for the shudras the path of dharma is simple. They only have to serve the other varnas to acquire punya. Hence, sudharan is bhagyasali of all the three varnas.

Kali Thathuhu – Kali yuga is good in one aspect. In satya yuga one had to do a lot of tapasya to earn some punya. In kali yuga the same punya can be acquired through a little tapasya. The equivalence is like this. Ten years of tapasya in satya yuga are equal to one year of tapasya in treta yuga, one month of tapasya in dvapara yuga and one day of tapasya in kali yuga. In kali yuga  just nama sankeerthanam is enough. Also which takes 1000 years in first yuga , next yuga 10 years, next yuga  10 months, now in kali yuga it  just takes 10 min.  So kali yugam is better since we can get that punya easily which  was very difficult to acquire in previous yuga’s.
For previous yuga's it was gyana marga, bhakthi marga, karma marga. For Kali yuga is complete surrender/Saranagai/Prapatti.

Vyasadeva said that shudras and women are fortunate. If there is a Shudra woman in Kali yuga, then she is the most fortunate of all and hence the answer “Sri thathuhu, Sudharan thathuhu, kali thathuhu “

So in Kali Yuga, Nama sankeerthanam is the only way to acquire punya and to lead us to the path which takes us to moksham.  Next is to understand, how to do this Nama Sankeerthanam in kali yugam.  Vedav Vyasar explains the method of Nama Sankeerthanam, by giving Vishnu Sahasranamam as part of the Ithihasam called Mahabaratham during Dwapara Yuga to enable the people in Kali Yuga to perform Nama sankeerthanam.  


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