Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Part 13 : What for can one recite Vishnusahasranamam ?


One can reciteVishnu Sahasranamam for various reasons as follows
1 – asking for ivuulaga(Intha Ulaga) aiswaryam - To prosper in this materistic world
2 – asking for avvulaga(antha Ulaga)  aiswaryam –  To help us to work towards attaining the ultimate moksham
3-  yethaiyume prathanai panama,  sollum inbathukaga sollarthu –  Without wishing anything recite for the great happiness of reciting Vishnusahasranamam.  

Battar says when you recite Vishnu sahasranamam,  don’t wish for anything ...”solluvathe prayojanam”.  If one has the oppurtunity to recite Vishnu sahasranamam that is itself a great prayojanam(benefit) of reciting Vishnu sahasranamam.

Thondaradipodi Azhwar wants to continue to say Vishnu Sahasranama .. Indra(moksham) logam aalum achuvai perinum venden… Azhwar wanted to continue to recite bhagwan’s namam by staying in this world and he was not willing to even take up moksham.


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