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Part 16 - ரிஷிபி: பரிகாநத: - Sung by Sages - Vishnu Sahasranamam's Greatness 2

Reason 2: ரிஷிபி: பரிகாநத:  - Sung by Sages
So many Rishi’s have contributed to these slogam. The four Manasputras(mind-born-sons) of Brahma are Sanaka, Sanatana, and Sanandana and Sanatkumara and Narada have contributed to these names part of the SrivishnuSahasranamam.
Rishi’s - Sanakar,Sanantanar, Sanat kumarar, Sanandakar and Naradar who are Brahma's 4 son went around telling vishnu's name. Actually Brahma created the 4 son’s to help him in his creation. But his son’s didn’t want to get into that task and they wanted to travel around the world with bhagavad dyanam. They are considered to be superioir than Brahma in Bhagavad Bahkthi and they followed “Vasudeva Parayanaha”  -  resulted in singing numerous bhagawan namam.  During there travel they had sung all these names of Bhagawan.  There are three types of Bhavanai
Brahma bhavanai - just bhaghawan e.g Azhwar
Karma bhavanai - just work e.g human
Ubaya bhavanai - both e.g Brahma
Brahma’s 4 son decided not to get into karma or ubaya bhavanai and they were singing bhagawan namam and went around in Brahma Bhavanai discovering all these names of Vishnu.

As per the Slokam “Janaanaam sheenapaapaanam krishna bhakthi prajayathe” meaning  all the papam accumulated over 1000 1000 janma’s are shattered due to Bhagavad anugraham and this leads to Bhakthi toward him.

Prahaladan prays to Lord Narasimha saying “How much ever people(who does not have vivegam)  have interests towards the wordly pleasures, I request you to bless with the anugraham of having that much Preethi/Bhakthi towards you”.

Naradar’s mom used to be a servant and they have lived a difficult life. Naradar lost his mother at a very young age of 8 .  He wasn’t sad and instead happy since the hinderance for his bhagavad bajanam is removed.  Naradar can’t stand in one place due to a sapam.  He was upset that he could not stand even to worship Sriman Narayanan. Hence, he went to Bhagawan and cried to him saying “Krishna , please bless me to stay next to you and worship you”. Krishna blessed him and Naradar got Krishna’s anugraham.
Such a great person Naradar had also contributed to various names of Bhagawan which are also part of Srivishnusahasranam.

Bhagawan accepts a name which we bhaktas also give him. The bhakthi bhavanai (attitude) is more important and Bhagawan heads to however we call him too.


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