Saturday, 8 June 2013

Part 18 - பீஷ்மோத்க்ருஷ்டமதத்வத்: - Glorified by Bhishma - Vishnu Sahasranamam's Greatness 3

Reason 4 - பீஷ்மோத்க்ருஷ்டமதத்வத்: - Glorified by Bhishma

Vishnu Sahasranamam is opinion of great Bheeshma himself . Kannan says to pandavas if bheeshmacharya leaves this world, knowledge which he has will be lost. So he urges pandavas to learn from bheeshmacharya while he was in the arrow bed(Sara Kalpam). Bheeshmaacharya was so weak but Krishna ‘s presence and blessings gave him all the strength to utter the 1000 names. Bheeshmar himself says that due to your blessings Krishna, now I will tell the great names of you – “Ne kudutha vaibhavam unnai patthi solla poren”

Similar story in Embar/Udaiyavar – Embar once accepted all the praise about him and when questioned by udaiyavar he said yes I accepted it since if I had not accepted the it will prove that my Acharya is not capable to give me all that.. “Umma Thiruvadi balathale/vaibhavathale intha  perumai yellam petrom”. 


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