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Part 22 - Bhagavad Guna Darpanam - Avatharikai


The slogam's in the avatharikai section of Bhagavad Guna arpanam are as follows. The meaning for some of the Slogam's has  been taken from web site.

  1. Slogam on Sri Parasara Bhattar
श्री पराशरभट्टार्यः श्रीरङ्गॆशपुरॊहितः श्रीवत्साङ्कसुतः श्रीमान् श्रॆयसॆ मॆsस्तु भूयसॆ

May Sri Parasara Bhattar – the priest of Sriranganatha and the glorious son of Sri Koorattazhwan (Srivatsanka) – confer upon me all auspiciousness in abundance.
  1. Acharya Bhagavad Vandanam by Sri Parasara Bhattar Slogam on guruparamparai in BGD
वन्दॆ गॊविन्दतातौ मुनिमथ मनवै लक्ष्मणार्यं महान्तम् ध्यायॆयं यामुनार्यं ममहृदि तनवै राममॆवाभियामम् पद्माक्षं प्रॆक्षिशीय प्रथममपि मुनिं नाथमीढॆ शठारिम् स्तौमि प्रॆक्षॆय लक्ष्मीं शरणमशरणः श्रीधरं संश्रयॆयम्

I salute to Govinda (Embar) and my father (Koorattazhwan), and meditate upon Lakshmana muni (Ramanujacharyar) and Mahapurna (Periya nambigal). I meditate upon Yamunacharya (Alavandar), and fill my heart with Ramamishra (Manakkal nambigal). May I see Pundarikaksha (Uyyakkondar), also along with the first preceptor Nathamuni (Sriranganathamunigal) – to whom I prostrate. I pray to Shathari (Nammazhwar). May I see Lakshmi (Periya pirattiyar). May I – with no other refuge – surrender to Sridhara (Periya perumal).
3.       Next slogam on vishwaksenar by Sri Parasara Bhattar

ऒम् नमॊ गजवक्त्राद्यैः पारिषद्यैः प्रशासतॆ
श्रीरङ्गराजसॆनान्यॆ सूत्रवत्या समॆयुषॆI

I first salute to Vishwaksenar – the consort of Sutravati and the commander-in-chief of Srirangaraja, who rules us with many followers including the elephant faced.
Vishwaksenar has all the rights including the responsibility of changing brahma after a kalpam.  In vishwaksenar’s senapathi there is  a person called gajamugan and this is not vinayagan and the reference in this slogam is to someone who has elephant’s face who is part of Vishwaksenar’s trooups.
Note: Description on Pavai nombhu of andal, kathyayani, kama devan are explained here in the upanyasam.  Bhagavad sheshathvam is only acceptable and anya sheshathvam is unacceptable.  For the sake of reaching Krishna they all have done many acts which look like anya sheshathvam. Even azhwar does many things to attain Krishna.  Azhwar Pannathunda – yes, ava pannathu seriya – yes, nam pannalama ? – NO.  They have a agyana that there is something beyond Krishna is gynam, gynam kalantha bhakthi, bhakthi muthina agyanam. We are doing this anya sheshathvam due to agyana. We are in the kevala agyana. But for them it is bhathi nala vantha agyanam.  One more example is “Ekantham sekarthu” (tieing the thread) before porapadu.  Eg. Sandhyavandam – (Suryan/Varunan )Evanukku antaryamiya irukkura bhagawannuku vanakam. Anya Seshathvathvam  illama irunthal bagavath Seshathvathvam  acharya krupai nala kedaikum.

4.       Next slogam on Vysar by Sri Parasara Bhattar

नमॊ नारायणायॆदं कृष्णद्वैपायनात्मनॆ
यदामुष्यायणा वॆदा महाभारतपञ्चमाः
I salute to Krishna dvaipayana (Vyasa), who is Narayana himself, and who divided the Vedas into four and also graced us with the fifth Veda called Mahabharata.

Let’s not get confused with these names.
Krishna - Vishnu himself
Krishna Dvaipayana – Veda Vysar
Krishna Krishna tatvam - Nammazhwar

5.       Next slogam requesting Srirangam

जातॊ लक्ष्मणमिश्रसंश्रयधनात् श्रीवत्सचिह्नादृषॆः
भूयॊ भट्टपराशरॆति फणितः श्रीरङ्गभर्ता स्वयम्
श्री श्रीरङ्गपतिप्रसादतृषया श्रीरङ्गनाथाह्वयः
श्रीरङ्गॆश्वरकारितॊ विवृणुतॆ नाम्नां सहस्रं हरॆः

I, Sriranganatha by name, the son of Srivatsachihnar (Koorattazhwan) – who considered the shelter of Sri Ramanuja as the biggest wealth, later rechristened as Parasara Bhattar by Sriranganatha Himself, have sought to elaborate on the thousand names of the Lord Sriranganatha in pursuit of the His grace, having been inspired by Himself.
Rangeswaran anugrahathale,  Rangeswaran anugraham kidaikka padinen.
We are not singing HIS names. HE is making us sing HIS  name. Just give me the credit of singing says Parasara battar.  Like how we can ask our parents we have all rights to ask anything to GOD – We can ask him to take the ownership of us and make us do all the good things like singing his. The only pre-requiste for us to ask anything to him is to first accept that we are HIS children. Prapannan needs to behave the same manner with GOD  just like how a child behaves to his mother. Even when a mother beats the child, child still goes to the mother and cools down. Similarly, irrespective many troubles GOD is our ultimate refuge.

  1. Next slogam
संसारॊsयमपण्डितॊ भगवति प्रागॆव भूयः कलौ
पूर्णं मन्यतमॆ जनॆ श्रुतिशिरॊगुह्यं ब्रुवॆ साहसात्
तत्र स्तॊत्रमिदं प्रकाशयति यः स्तुत्यश्च यस्तावुभौ
व्यासः कारुणिकॊ हरिश्च तदिदं मौर्ख्यं सहॆतां मम

This samsara (creation) is full of people unlearned about the supreme self, more so in this age of Kali. I have sought to an adventurous deed of elaborating the thousand names of the Lord to people who are full of arrogance, who think they know the secrets of Vedas and Upanishads in completeness. May Vyasa maharshi – who gave us this stotra of Sri Vishnu sahasranama, and Sri Vishnu Himself – who is the subject of this stotra, tolerate this stupidity of mine.

  1. Next slogam
अर्थॆ हरौ तदभिदायिनि नामवर्गॆ
तद्व्यञ्जकॆ मयि च बन्धविशॆषमॆत्य
सॆवध्वमॆतदमृतं प्रणिपत्य याचॆ
मध्यस्थमत्सरिजना इह मा च भूवन्

I prostrate and pray to you with folded palms please believe firmly in Srihari as also in the thousand names that connote Him, as well as in me. Please drink in this elixir of “Sri Vishnu Sahasranama” (in order to be released from the clutches of samsara). May there not be any mediocre people with hatred (lest they prevent others from enjoying the bliss of the thousand names).


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