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Part 30 - Answers by Bheesma – Part 2


Answer 1 for Question 6 on Supported Means - sAlambanOpAyam 

Q 6 : kim japam mucyatE jantur janma samsAra bandhanAth?          

Q Meaning:  By doing what japam, can the creatures who undergo birth and death cycle will get rid of jananam(cause) and samsaram(effect) ? Yethai Japam panni, Salambanopayapaga yethai pattri intha janma samsarathil irunthu vidu padugiran ?

Order Reason: First he answered the last question i.e. 6th question on sAlambanOpAyam. Bheesma’s most favourite question and his favourite is sAlambanOpAyam so he answered that.

           Slogam 4
Jagat-prabhum deva-devam anantam purusho-tamam |
Sthuva nnama-sahasrena purushah satatottitah ||

Meaning :
  •          Jagathuke Prabhu vana  - chit and achit kondathu Jagam and he is the swami of them.  Master of all moving and non-moving entities in the world
  •          Deva devanai - devargalukku devan anavan. just as the Gods are superior to Humans in terms of owning wealth, servitude, et al, so also the One who is superior to even Gods in all respects.
  •     Like how a moon is to a child from the top of a ladder while watcthe moon from ground, vaikuntam is far from satya logam too, yaanaikku kuthirai vaithar pole…like that nithya soorigalu bhagawan nai thoottu vida mudiyathu. He is master of the devas too.
Same explained in the pasuram Thiruvaimozhi 1.1.1, Pasuram 2791 as follows
uyarvaRa uyar nalam * udaiyavan yavan avan *
mayarvaRa madhi nalam * aruLinan yavan avan **
ayarvaRum amarargaL * adhipathi yavan avan *
                        thuyar aRu sudar adi * thozhudhezhu en mananE
Meaning : Oh my mind! you attain salvation by  prostrating at the bright shining Lotus Feet of the One,- the  unparalleled one, who has got everything that is GREAT in Him-  who has blessed me with gnAnam and Bhakthi which destroys my  "agnAnam" (ignorance and wrong knowldege) completely- who is the Chief of immortal dEvAs."
  •          anantham  - no antham(Limits) - kalathale,vasthuvalo, desathalo –cannot be explained within a limit. Varaiyaruka mudiyathu.
  •          Purushotamam – kodukara dayalu. Purusha Utammam. Utu – papangale thindatha bhagawan
  •          Sthuva nnama-sahasrena– here stotram means stotram angamaga konda japam panna vendum. Kannan says in Gita that among the yagnas I am in the yagna called Japam. Yagna types – oru devanai kurithu ithu unakkunu sonna athu yagam. Japam is the best of all the yagams.  manasamana yagathai vida, kayikamana yagathai vida, vasikamana yagam i.e. japam is much better.
  •          purushah– purusha refers to us(jeevatma) who are Knowledgable
  •          satatottitah  - ever awake. melum melum vidama oru nimisham kooda vidama japam pannanum. Shastram says - Oru vinadi koda avanai ninaikama irukka koodathu. Perumal patthi nenaichunde irunthal abhayam else bhayam.
The constant prayer of such Supreme Entity with words of praise and uninterrupted thoughts will yield the most desirable fruits, while any interruptions to such actions bring untold miseries. The Vedas declare: “When this knowledgeable soul takes refuge in the Supreme One who is unseen with the naked eyes, who has no body made out of prakRti, who is not reached by words, and who is unsupported by any external entity, he is then firmly rooted in assurance against all fears, and reaches a state of fearlessness. But when he loses interest in contemplation of that Supreme Self, and distances himself from it, he begets the biggest fear of samsAra”.

Further Explanation
  •          Pasuram - Yep pozhuthum naal thingal andozhi oozhi tharum…?
  •          Mudal Thiruvanthathi 16th pasuram as
pazhudhE palapagalum pOyina enRu anjchi
azhudhEn aravaNai mEl kaNdu - thozhudhEn
kadalOdham kAl alaippak kaN vaLarum sengkaN
adalOdha vaNNar adi
In this pasuram, Azhvar thinks of the countless time that he lost in seeking other devatas and other means and cries. 
  •           Like atrangarai vazh marathaipole….. if flood comes, the tree near the bank is the first in trouble.irupadu yeri kolli yerumbhu pole.. – ants on a log with fire on both sides.aduginra pambin nizhalile othungi ithu nizhal nu irukkarathu pole. apadi irukku intha samsaram oru vinadi avanai ninakamal irunthal. Apadi oru vinadi avanai ninaikamal irunthal – kollai kudutharpole alari azhanamam. Pala pagalum poiyena.  We have wasted time in other activities.
Thirumangai azhwar ar in his Peria Thirumozhi (Pasuram 2022 to ), While addressing God he cries out of the depths of his heart that he is like a tree on the bank of a river which runs the risk of being washed away during heavy floods. He says he is like a person who rushed to the roof top to escape from the swirling flood waters only to find that he had to share that haven with a vicious snake! He compares himself to a frightened ant caught on a piece of wood which is burning furiously at both ends. He adds he is like a fox which is caught in a flood in the forest. He says he is worried to distraction and seeks the help of God to rescue him from this world and confer moksha.
In the Pasuram - 11.8.1 2022 – tree on the bank of a river
 * mAtRamuLa * Agilum solluvan * makkaL
thOtRak kuzhi * thOtRuvippAy kol? enRu innam **
AtRangkarai vAzh maram pOla * anjchuginREn *
nAtRach suvai * URu oliyAgiya nambI!

In the Pasuram  11.8.2 - 2023 - sailors on the wooden piece caught up in huge storm- scared tremendously
In the Pasuram  11.8.3 - 2024 – snake
In the Pasuram  11.8.4 - 2025 – ant - my mind melts like the ant caught up between the two burning ends of a stick
uruvAr piRavikkaL innam * pugappeydhu *
thirivAy enRu sindhiththi * enRu athaRku anjchi **
irupAdu eri koLLiyin * uL eRumbE pOl *
urugA niRkum * en uLLam Uzhi mudhalvA!
In the Pasuram - 11.8.5 2026 – fox - My mind is like vixen (plural of fox?) caught in floods.
  •       Unna naal pasiyavathu ondrumillai – Narayana yennum thiru namam sollamal irunthal andru pasi. Hunger is only when I don’t utter Narayana namam not when I starve without food.
  •            What is a Mantram ? Thanai yevan oruvan ninaikirano/sollugirano avanai rakshitu kodupavanukku mantram nu peru. Sampradaya thula rendu mantram – “OM namo Narayanan” & Narayanane mantram than. Azhwar says – Manthirathai manthirathal maravathe.  Thirumangai Azhvar in his work Thirunedunthandagam pasuram 4 (2055) talks about the Thiruvashtakshara mantram(thirumantiram) in the pasuram
inthiraRkum piramaRkum mudhalvan Rannai
irun^ilamkaal theen^eerviN bootham ainthaay,
senthiRattha thamizOsai vadasol laagith
thisain^aan_gu maaytthingaL NYaayi Raagi,
andharatthil dhEvarkkum aRiya laagaa
andhaNanai andhaNarmaat tanthi vaittha
mandhiratthai, mandhiratthaal maRavaa thenRum
vaazhuthiyEl vaazhalaam madan^eNY sammE. 4
                Meaning :
Antaryami Roopam and Appeal to his mind to survive through the recitation of Ashtakshara Mantram. Ceaseless remembrance of the Lord thru the recitation of His Maha Mantram is pointed out for attaining Moksha Anugraham
  • Sahasranamam can be recited as a group by the entire family and can reap benefit.
  • Smriti Dhyanam helps in bhagavad sambhandam. If one is not with Bhagavad sambhandam he becomes a mahapapi. One need to stay in a place where many bhaagavada’s are there. Vibhishanan  came to Ram. Staying without BHaagavada/bhagavad sambhandam is worse than staying in the middle of agni.
  • “Those moments in time when one doesn’t think about Vasudeva are lost forever. They are the biggest voids in one’s life. That is the time when ignorance covers the soul and that only leads to the deterioration of the soul.” (Asanneva sapavathi ?)
  • “It is better to be put up in a cage surrounded by high flames, rather than to stay in the company of those who refrain themselves from the thoughts of Shouri (Bhagavan Krishna).”
  • “Even if one moment is lost without the thoughts about the Supreme Soul, it only leads to so much of miseries as one experiences when the robbers have robbed him of all his wealth.”
  • A person tides over all the sorrows in this world by reciting with undiluted devotion the Thousand Names of the Eternal Person,worshiping Him always with devotion, meditating upon Him
Ippadi yeppavum japam panni agavendum , appadi pattavan salambhanopayathai pattrugiran.
Sahasranamam to be used for Japam – as Salambhana Upayam – Japa aalambhanam.


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